About Us

Biz4ge is the brainchild of a diverse group of seasoned business professionals.  The common connection amongst us, as relates to the content of this website, is that we all have extensive experience of business transformation initiatives and a strong belief in the added-value potential of business architecture.

Most of us can trace our career backgrounds to Fortune 500 companies or large public sector organisations.  Some of us have also been management consultants with the major global consulting firms.  Some of us are still employed by those large organisations whilst others of us pursue our work as independent professionals.

Between us, we have had considerable exposure to transformational attempts that have succeeded as well as those that have not.  In turn this has fostered in us strong, no-nonsense views on what does and does not work.

One thing we have all noticed is that whilst the concept of business architecture is not new, it is not exactly in common use either.  We deem this to be a great shame and a HUGE missed opportunity for organisations of all shapes and sizes.

It is therefore our mutual desire and aim to advance the state of practice in business transformation and business architecture such that they become more accessible, relevant and an essential performance improvement and benefits delivery tool for mid-market and larger organisations.

Pre-packaged Knowledge

In moving towards meeting our aim and redressing this apparent capability ‘gap’ much of this website’s content is dedicated to putting forward a generic, cross-industry ‘starter’ business architecture placed correctly within the context of a generic business transformation initiative.

Most users will, to be sure, find it necessary to modify our ‘starter’ business architecture to meet their needs – i.e. delete parts, add parts, extend parts, modify parts, ignore parts, etc – until it is what they want it to be to meet the specific requirements of a particular organisation.

However, this still offers the user the major advantage of beginning from the firm foundations of a proven and comprehensive approach, based on accepted good practice, rather than from a blank sheet of paper or unpopulated computer screen.

Bulls EyeIt is also worthy of note that use of the Biz4ge approach to business transformation and business architecture is free for internal, non-commercial purposes (see our Legal page for more information).  So employing it, and the learnings it represents, need not cost you a thing!

It also supports our view that starting from something that is pretty good already…..and in some cases good enough…….and modifying it as your situation and opportunities dictate is an intensely pragmatic, cost-effective and attractive way to proceed.

We truly and sincerely believe that the only thing most organisations really need to give up to benefit from our approach is any conceit they may have that everything they do is ‘special’ and cannot to any significant extent be standardised or based on the prior work of others who have travelled that road successfully before them.

HotlineIf the content of this webpage makes you feel that being a member of our Biz4ge Network, or a Certified Affiliate within it, would be of benefit to you please Contact Us and we will get in touch by return.  Your contact will be treated as confidential and will be at no cost or obligation to you.