FREE Webinar – Getting Major Business Change in the Manufacturing Sector ‘Right First Time’ via Business Architecture!

by admin on April 7, 2011

Webinar Summary:

Invested scarce precious resources in planning or executing critical Manufacturing business change?  Have the results not met your expectations or the business need?  Join the club, but be aware there is a solution!  To find out more sign up for this FREE introductory level webinar for senior executives in the Manufacturing sector, on 04 May 2011 from 1230-1330 (UK GMT), that presents a proven solution to this common problem.  Titled “Getting Major Business Change in the Manufacturing Sector ‘Right First Time’ via Business Architecture!”, spaces are limited so register NOW.

Webinar Description:

Is your manufacturing organisation planning or in the midst of major transformational change work, such as:

  • Performance Improvement;
  • Opportunity Realisation;
  • Outsourcing & Collaboration;
  • Mergers & Acquisitions;
  • Joint Ventures;
  • Corporate Turn-arounds;
  • IT Re-Alignment;
  • Regulatory Compliance;
  • Risk Containment.

How often has your organisation devoted precious resources to planning and implementing major change initiatives that have failed to deliver the expected performance improvement results…..sometimes falling short by a very wide margin?

Manufacturing industry is under increasing cost and quality pressure from the weakness of consumer spending, overseas competition and an increasingly complex regulatory environment to name a few.  It is, therefore, now more than ever, mission-critical that any planned and necessary transformational change delivers the required outcomes!

This free webinar will provide an introduction to the “Right First Time” business architecture framework.  This approach will help mid-sized manufacturing organisations implement and manage essential transformational change more successfully. It is based on proven techniques commonly used by global enterprises, but streamlined and optimised for the mid-sized manufacturing organisation.

The “Right First Time” business architecture framework provides a company-wide, process-led approach that enables manufacturing organisations to progress their transformational change plans with a high degree of assurance that their desired outcomes are both well understood and achievable in practice.

Attendees of this free event will learn:

  • A key reason why many major business change initiatives in the Manufacturing sector fail;
  • The basics behind an approach that has proven very effective in avoiding this outcome;
  • What Performance Transformation and Business Architecture are and how they inter-relate;
  • Why a Business Architecture enables intelligent agile responses in dynamic environments;
  • How other popular approaches (e.g. Lean-Six-Sigma) fit into this picture.

As a result, they will be able to:

  • Articulate the benefits of Business Architecture enabled Performance Transformation;
  • Know when to use this approach and why;
  • Know when NOT to use this approach and why;
  • See how complex, multi-dimensional change initiatives should be structured and why.

Please come and join us for this informative webinar co-sponsored by the Biz4ge Network and certified affiliate KzA.

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