Biz4ge Network

We at Biz4ge are keen to ‘forge’ a community of interest around the approaches and techniques relating to business transformation and business architecture.  Of course we are also passionate about advancing our own hard-won ideas and experiences in this respect but also understand that there is always room to improve and learn from others.

To that end we would invite anyone, whether an individual or an organisation, who has a sincere interest or practitioner level of expertise in these areas to Contact Us about membership of the Biz4ge Network.

The network’s primary aim is to advance the state of practice in business transformation and business architecture such that they become more accessible, relevant and an essential performance improvement and benefits delivery tool for mid-market and larger organisations.


In the near term we would like to consider forming a members discussion forum.

And, if demand warrants it in the medium term, a community site environment where network members could not only swap knowledge and experiences, but also work on different aspects of their business transformation and business architecture efforts collaboratively, conduct business (e.g. identify a systems integrator, IT outsourcer or software supplier), and build a flexible and mutually beneficial value web.

Please Contact Us to let us know what you think about the value of these ideas, or any suggestions of your own, as options going forward.

We would also like to invite professional services, software and related suppliers to Contact Us about becoming Biz4ge Network Certified Affiliates.  Although we at Biz4ge do provide management consultancy advice and support to clients, via the consultancy KzA and/or the outsourcing offering open4mgt, in relation to our:

  • Proven 8-stage Business Transformation Roadmap
  • Comprehensive 10-layer Business Architecture Blueprint Routemap
  • Extensive suite of Lean-Six-Sigma and BPR based Techniques and Approaches
  • Good Practice based enabling Methods and Tools
  • Highly informative Education and Training Materials and Seminars (N.B. undertaken only on a bespoke case-by-case basis)

and other services, there are still only a few of us……covering many but not all of the relevant disciplines, in a big world full of people and organisations who need a bit of assistance from time-to-time to realise their plans.

In view of this we would like to establish a ‘trusted’ network of Certified Affiliates in areas sympathetic and relevant to supporting our wider business transformation and business architecture aims.

Bulls EyeSuch a network of Certified Affiliates would then be in a position, should they need it, to assist our Biz4ge Network members.  Biz4ge Network members could then approach a Certified Affiliate for assistance in the confidence that they were speaking to qualified professionals who had been quality vetted by us.

We look forward to hearing from all of you!

HotlineIf the content of this webpage makes you feel that being a member of our Biz4ge Network, or a Certified Affiliate within it, would be of benefit to you please Contact Us and we will get in touch by return. Your contact will be treated as confidential and will be at no cost or obligation to you.