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Invested scarce precious resources in planning or executing critical Manufacturing business change?  Have the results not met your expectations or the business need?  Join the club, but be aware there is a solution!  To find out more sign up for this FREE introductory level webinar for senior executives in the Manufacturing sector, on 04 May 2011 from 1230-1330 (UK GMT), that presents a proven solution to this common problem.  Titled “Getting Major Business Change in the Manufacturing Sector ‘Right First Time’ via Business Architecture!”, spaces are limited so register NOW.

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In Business Process, KPI, MIS and many other contexts the concept of commonality is seen as being very desirable.  After all, why should separate parts of the same organisation operate differently and use different systems to do so……it just makes things harder and more costly to implement, share, re-use and/or outsource doesn’t it?

Well, there is certainly truth in the preceding sentiment.  Of course you can equally also argue the reverse.  That unique circumstances require unique solutions, that different customers from different cultures need different handling, that there is a not insignificant up-front cost and time implication for multi-site harmonisation…….or just simply that one size does not fit all!

So where does this ‘push-me-pull-me’ debate get us?  Well most frequently, at this high level of discussion, not very far.  It does however help frame a pertinent question…….how common is common enough?

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Data – The Poor Relation with a Big Say

June 8, 2010

To some use of the word ‘data’ signals the beginning of one of the most boring, technically esoteric and generally useless topics of discussion they can imagine.  Data model, data dictionary, data schema, data cleansing, data coding & classification……or just plain old data. HELP!  How much boredom and technophobia can one person be expected to […]

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Innovation on Tap – A Proven Framework for Commercial Innovation

April 2, 2010

No Longer a Black Art In bygone days the practice of product, process or service innovation and development in commercial organisations was a black art practiced by marketers, engineers or scientific researchers…..dependent on the industry. There was either no fixed method for doing this work, or the formal methods that existed were proprietary to the […]

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The Ratchet – An Approach to Business Change that Works when Others Won’t

January 22, 2010

The ‘Ratchet’ approach is a proven means of making progress in difficult change environments where only CARROTS are available and STICKS are unheard of! What?  Unheard of you say!  A work environment with ALL carrot and NO stick……it can’t and won’t work, and it doesn’t or shouldn’t exist! Well, if your sentiments are along the […]

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Business Architecture – Virtual Working: A Green Productivity, Cost Containment and Morale Boosting Opportunity ‘All-in-One’

November 27, 2009

Is this yet another article about the sort of business architecture that discusses the construction of environmentally friendly, eco-efficient buildings that recycle their own waste for power and have vast acreages of grass for a roof? Nope, sorry, everyone looking for that sort of business architecture article should stop here. Having said that, this business […]

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Business Architecture – The Power of Knowledge Standardisation and Re-use

November 13, 2009

One thing everyone on the Biz4ge team has noticed is that whilst the concept of business architecture is not new, it is not exactly in common use either. We have also noticed that where it is practiced, to demonstrably good effect, tends to be in the larger national or international organisations who are often the […]

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Business Architecture – Your Ticket to Value-led ‘Fast-track’ Delivery

October 30, 2009

No doubt there are some of you, who having read the words value-led ‘fast-track’ delivery in the title, are thinking……what? Going down a route involving business architecture and business blueprinting sounds like a recipe for the exact opposite result! We at Biz4ge would like to convince you that it can be otherwise. We certainly will […]

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Business Architecture – Lean-Six-Sigma’s (Un)Natural Bedfellow

October 16, 2009

Cats and dogs living in harmony, bright sunshine the weekend of the big BBQ and used car salesmen standing behind their guarantees. These are just a few of the unnatural events that some say also includes business architects and their business blueprints cooperating with lean-six-sigma black belts and their value stream maps. However, on closer […]

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Business Architecture – The Open Road to Open Source Software

October 2, 2009

Yippee-ki yi- yay…….that well-worn ‘old west’ cowboy cry that some would not find out of keeping with the popular image in some quarters of open source software. Most of us have heard about open source software and many of us think we have a sense of what it is about. Many of us see it […]

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