Information Model Layer

The step in the business architecture routemap at which we now find ourselves is the information model.  This is the place where the concept of what information different parts of the organisation, and by implication different people, need to see……another widely used term for it is reporting.

It should be no great shock to realise that given we have already placed metrics against processes which are owned by different parts of the organisation that we largely already have the data we seek……we just need to format it into a familiar form which looks like the figure below (click on it to see an enlarged version in a new window).

Business Architecture Information Model

Bulls EyeThe topic of reporting is a messy one because, although there are certain things people almost always want to see as standard, there is also a great range of other reporting that can be highly unique to each organisation and individual.

Sometimes this diversity is best handled through the use of good ad-hoc reporting tools, but that too has its downsides, not least of which the time and skill needed to configure a bespoke report…..especially if the work is performed by non-experts!

However, that said, the above mapping of metrics to the organisation to define its reporting requirements will provide a sound foundation from which to depart when designing your own information model and subsequently mapping it down further into the organisation as part of later stages of the business transformation roadmap.

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