Technology Model Layer

We’re now arriving at the next step on our business architecture routemap journey……the technology model.  Although this is ‘technical’ it is not too scary for non-technical folks at the level of the business architecture because it does not go down very far into technical detail.

The technology model helps the organisation visualise the types of technologies that will be required, their locations and interconnections and of course the costs associated with procuring and operating that environment. In basic terms a technology model looks like the figure below (click on it to see an enlarged version in a new window).

Business Architecture Technology Model

Clearly there are complicating wrinkles in real life such as dealing with the migration from, or integration of, legacy systems to the new systems being implemented.

However, fundamentally the technology model needs to depict and list roughly what sorts and quantities of server hardware, operating systems, systems / database software, networks, PCs, printers, back-up & restore, disaster recovery capabilities, etc will be required, and where, to underpin the IT aspects of the business transformation initiative.

Bulls EyeMuch of this information will be provided by your software, hardware and network vendors as supplemented and coordinated by your own IT staff / integrator.  To be sure, there will be many technical matters to deal with in the full course of things such as server sizing, network load balancing and transaction volume estimating. However, this level of detail is not normally included in a business architecture apart from rough estimates for costing purposes.

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