Build Stage

The Build stage is where the work of the Design stage is configured into the appropriate document formats and systems for testing and consequent ‘bug’ fixing.  It is also the point where detailed planning is done for the events that lead up to the cut-over to Go-Live for the new processes, systems, etc.

Checkered Flag

At this stage most of the work is being carried out by selected key line staff (often designated as ‘super-users’) and any appropriate specialists (e.g. IT) but still as overseen by the relevant key line managers and programme / project managers.

A typical set of deliverables or products from this stage are:

‘Initial’ Configuration & Test

Conference Room Pilot:

  • Test Scenarios
  • Test Scripts
  • Test Data Load
  • User Documentation
  • UAT

‘Final’ Configuration & Test

Interface(s) Code

Go-Live Plans:

  • User Education & Training
  • Benefits Capture Profile
  • IT / Helpdesk Support
  • Production Environment Install
  • Data Migration
  • Quick Wins
  • Live Pilot
  • Roll-out Modifications & Sequence
  • Next Release

Bulls EyeThis is the point where the rubber meets the road and all the hard work from earlier stages is embedded into what will become the production environment for purposes of pre-production testing and training.

Any required software development (e.g. interfaces) is done during this stage as is the actual installation, if applicable, of the technical infrastructure (as specified previously) required to run the selected software applications, etc.  Roll-out details, if relevant, are also planned at this time.

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