Plan Stage

The Plan stage is about……planning!  This is where the programmes and projects making up the first release (reference this Next Release link for more information on this important topic) are defined, charged with achieving specific benefits/outcomes, scoped, staffed and mobilised.

Checkered Flag

In this stage most of the work falls to key management sponsors and senior programme and project managers.

A typical set of deliverables or products from this stage are:

Governance Structure:

  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Authority Levels
  • Governance Mechanisms
  • Escalation Routes
  • RASCI Matrix


Terms of Reference:

  • Objectives
  • CSFs & Priorities
  • Scope
  • Approach
  • Plan
  • Benefits/Outcomes
  • ACRI Log
  • Standards
  • etc

Team Roster/Calendar

Budget Estimates

Communications Plan:

  • Stakeholder Plan
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Launch Event

Bulls EyeThis stage sets the envelope for the delivery work in the remainder of the stages in the business transformation roadmap (N.B. in the context of this release!).  As such it also does things like parcel out and thus sequence what part of the outline business case defined in the business architecture work should and will be associated with the scope of the release and hence the delivery responsibility of the specific programmes and projects within it.

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