Run Stage

The Run stage is the endpoint of all the stages of work for a release.  At this point the processes, systems, etc that were the subject of the the releases’ work should be in operation, albeit, subject to some live piloting first and perhaps to a few early teething problems as well.  This also means that the planned benefits / outcomes should now either have been delivered or be arriving in a well understood timeframe if they are of the type that accrue.

Checkered Flag

By definition, apart from the teething problems and any additional training that might be required, the work here is now routine ongoing production operations and should be being done by normal line staff.

A typical set of deliverables or products from this stage are:

Rapid Implementations:

  • Quick Wins
  • Critical Fixes & Workarounds
  • Immediate Actions


Live Pilot(s):

  • User Training
  • Test Scenarios
  • Test Scripts
  • Live Data Load
  • UAT
  • Cut-Over

Phased Function / Geography Roll-outs:

  • Local Training Delivery
  • Local Configuration
  • Local Live Data Load
  • Local UAT
  • Local Cutover

Post Project Reviews

Bulls EyeNow that the release has been delivered what remains to do at this point, in additional to resolving remaining teething issues, are items such as post implementation reviews and roll-outs (including any required modifications) to other locations as applicable.

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