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Is This You?

Do any of the following sound frustratingly familiar?

  • You don’t feel you have a confident ‘big picture’ grasp of what is going on with all existing or planned initiatives.
  • You are concerned about leadership and alignment. The board and other senior management seem to all be pulling in different directions.
  • You feel there should be some sort of design authority or governance body overseeing everything but it is either non-existent or ineffective.

Money Down the Drain

  • You sense work is an extended ‘groundhog day’, where every day seems to be a repeat of the one before. You fight the same fires, caused by the same underlying issues, that should have been fixed long ago.
  • You are struggling to get agreement on what the priorities are.  Every department has the answer, but all the answers are different.
  • You know resources are squandered and opportunities missed because of lack of prioritisation….leading to a culture where everything is undertaken and everyone is overworked, but to little tangible effect.
  •  You fear the business purpose and risk/reward profile of many existing initiatives are tenuously defined at best.
  • You know there are likely to be gaps and overlaps between initiatives because they are not being properly coordinated or their critical inter-dependencies proactively managed.
  • You are frustrated with the lack of action.  There is a lot of analysis and activity but little employee engagement, buy-in or real progress.
  • You fear implementation will take too long and cost too much.  You also  know that just throwing money at it is not the answer.

If any or all of these points strike a chord please see our Strategic Intent. Delivered. page to learn more about us, what we do and why we believe we can help you to be more successful.