Strategy Execution Management

Do You have a Strategy You are Trying to Execute?  How is that Going for You?!

Every organisation has some kind of strategy, whether wittingly or not. The fact that yours is a going concern means you have done, or plan to do, something to achieve some outcome.

The real question is how well is your strategy conceived and how good are you at executing it to achieve the results you intended!

bg-droppedHandoffWe help clients develop their visions and strategies, using techniques like Target Operating Model (TOM) design, to define, extend and refine what they are already thinking such that it is clear, realistic and deliverable. However, that still leaves the key question of implementation on the table … area full of dropped hand-off’s for many otherwise promising failed initiatives.

Programme and project management have their place, but are not always most appropriate, particularly if it is necessary or desirable to seamlessly integrate accomplishing strategic change with the business as usual ‘day job’ responsibilities of employees.

That is where Strategy Execution Management comes to the fore as a critical piece of the bridge spanning the gap between strategy and execution. It is the process of clarifying, deploying and achieving organisational initiatives.  At its heart it is about making sure that people understand what is expected of them, how they fit in,  what they need to do to move the organisation forward, and then actively helping them to be successful.

It is a process focused on the shared setting and achievement of goals up, down and across an enterprise……proactively engaging as it does with all employees and other stakeholders…..and is a proven source of sustainable differentiation and competitive advantage.

Indeed, it is fast becoming a must-have core competence for successful organisations across all sectors. Whether their key objectives relate to growth, efficiency, compliance or other combinations of outcome they all realise that it is not enough to just have abstract good intentions.  These intentions must be grounded and backed up by a robust, usable and inclusive approach to delivering results at the coal-face of a

Our own experience in this is backed up by extensive academic research, for example by Kaplan and Norton in their book “The Execution Premium”, which clearly shows that organisation’s having a Strategy Execution Management system to help bridge the gap between strategy and execution outperform those that don’t……as these extracts from the book suggest:

“…surveys over the last two decades indicate that up to 80% of organisations fall far short of the targets expressed in their strategic plans.”

“…less than 20% of strategies effectively formulated are effectively executed.”

To learn a bit more a short animated presentation, brought to you together with our partners at Blue Plate Consulting, entitled “Execution Management – An Antidote to Groundhog Day!” is available and can be viewed by following the link and clicking the play button in the player window that will appear at the top of Prezi website that opens.

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