Working Together

We have a number of guiding principles and practices that influence how we prefer to work with clients.  They are based on our values, experiences and beliefs about what is effective.

  • We are passionate that a lack of clarity, common understanding and agility is behind most change initiative failures.  Our approach addresses this up-front and head-on.
  • We have a bias for action, not exhaustive analysis.  We are intensely pragmatic, believe fervently in the 80/20 principle and lateral thinking, and act accordingly.
  • We strive to get to tangible value quickly.  Everything we help an organisation do is rooted in prioritisations related to benefits, outcomes and business imperatives.
    Helping Hands
  • We don’t try to be the experts on your business… are.  We act as a catalyst, source of constructive challenge, sounding board and try to bring the ‘unconventional’ perspective.
  • We make sure we contribute the ‘external view’ and experience.  Cross-company and industry pollination is a powerful force for innovation and lateral-thinking solutions.
  • We tailor what we do according to the needs of your organisation.  However, we don’t re-invent where it is not necessary or does not add value.
  • We believe in making the maximum re-use of available documentation, techniques, tools, standards and learnings (yours, ours and others) as an important means to fast-track progress and contain costs.
  • We don’t do it for you or to you, we do it with you.  Our experienced consultants will seed your own teams and help facilitate their progress.
  • We believe in knowledge transfer.  We try to work through your people to ensure they retain the skills and lessons for future use, coaching and mentoring them as needed.
  • We are comfortable working from board-level downwards to the shop-floor.  We know how to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty at every level.
  • We are no-nonsense, straight-talkers.  We believe in being diplomatic but not at the expense of sacrificing a common understanding or real progress.

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