Fast-Track Target Operating Model (TOM)

Is Your Organisation Keeping in Shape?

bg-gizmoSo, you have foreseen the future and invested wisely in your people, processes and systems; and yet you have the feeling that something is still wrong. Instead of delighting your customers and winning new ones, you are spending too much time on routine admin and wasteful ‘fire-fighting’.

You are not alone! Many organisations once had these problems but the most successful found the secret to resolving them. We specialise in working with organisations just like yours to help identify and fix the underlying causes of under-performance which are holding you back.

We do this by looking at your organisation holistically as a whole. We won’t just tinker with the easy bits around the edges of the problem, and we avoid causing new issues when fixing any existing ones.

We can help you find your way through a maze of possible options to get the results you want more quickly (as compared with the traditional methods used by others). We use proven tools and techniques, like our ‘fast-track’ Target Operating Model, to help inform, guide and accelerate your progress towards the outcomes you determine.

We help you tailor the ‘fast-track’ Target Operating Model to your needs such that it becomes a kind of bespoke construction blueprint for your whole organisation.
Everyone using it is then party to a common layout and language, helping them understand and collaborate on what needs to be done; what is included, where it must fit and interconnect, in what sequence, and as done by whom, to get to the results and outcomes you desire.

We believe that just as no sensible builder would construct or attempt to make major changes to a building without a construction blueprint, why would anyone attempt to transform an organisation without a future state Target Operating Model as a roadmap!

Further, when starting a business it is important to have a robust business plan. Likewise when running one it is essential to have an up-to-date and accessible operating manual. With our approach this essential piece of documentation emerges from the work on your Target Operating Model rather than being a separate, poorly thought through and hard to maintain after-thought!

Ours is an agile, unique and 21st century way of working; in which by design you invest most in those areas that differentiate your Enterprise and which contribute the most to the success of your organisation.

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