open4mgt is the brainchild of a diverse group of seasoned business professionals.  The common connection amongst us is that we all have extensive experience of delivering benefits to clients by implementing value building change in their businessess.

We have long felt that the ‘traditional’ model of many business advisors and consultants has not kept pace with other advances into the 21st century. As a result many of these advisors and consultants provide advice ONLY in the narrow area of their own particular expertise.

One implication of the approach described above is that it usually leaves the client to piece all of the advice from different advisors together (i.e. largely at your own risk) into something useful; e.g. as in getting advice from one set of advisors on how to optimially configure business processes and advice from another set of advisors on how to implement the necessary enabling software for the first set of advice to work correctly….often not a pretty, easy or happy experience for the client!

Also, the traditional business advisor or consultant tends to build towards a solution to a client issue from first principles.  Whilst this may be intellectually correct….as well as being interesting and profitable for the advisor…..it does ignore that many of these issues have been solved elsewhere many times before.

In these times of global competition and economic challenges we at open4mgt feel many businesses cannot afford, and more importantly in many cases DO NOT NEED, these time consuming and expensive ‘gold-plated’ traditional approaches.

That is why open4mgt was conceived, it is one of our ‘non-negotiable’ values and we feel it is a USP (Unique Selling Point).

Our goal is to provide our clients advice in areas extending from the strategic down to the operational and technical from one source; bringing in additional specialists from our extensive network of associates as and where needed, but importantly, maintaining responsibility for integrating everything together into a seamless and smoothly working whole.

We have also strived to pre-package accepted good business practice together with leading ‘enterprise class’ business applications and ongoing helpdesk support to cover many of the areas clients most commonly request assistance with.

Whilst we don’t pretend we will fill every conceivable client need in this way we do think we can reallistically cover much of the 80% that are ‘hygiene factors’ for most businesses; i.e. those things that are legitimate and necessary business activities but provide little additional added-value…..as seen from the perspective of what customers value and are willing to pay for…..in themselves.

Our objective is to deliver the 80% ‘hygiene factor’ capabilities quickly and cost-effectively…..leaving the majority of an organisations scarce investment resources available to concentrate on the 20% of differentiating USPs that make a real difference to competitiveness, profitability and ability to satisfy the needs and expectations of customers!

The principals and founders behind open4mgt are Geoff Gardiner of Seath Solutions (Geoff co-authored a leading book on OpenERP with OpenERPs founder) and Steve Kerzman of KzA (Steve is also a founder of the Biz4ge Network).

You can learn more about Geoff’s and Steve’s backgrounds by having a look at their Linked-In profiles at:

Contact Us” if you would like to discuss any of our ideas or to have a free,confidential, no-obligation discussion with one of our team.


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