Essential OpenERP


You’ve purchased one of our “Software Solutions” and now you need to put it to work with good effect.

Our Essential OpenERP is an introductory course (based on our “Baseline Solution“) on the subject of OpenERP and the perfect choice for all clients who will need to know how to use this powerful software for day-to-day operations but won’t be significantly involved in design, configuration and technical matters.

In this 2-day course participants will learn:

  • the essential concepts of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software
  • how and why OpenERP is linked to and configured via a Business Architecture
  • how to log-in and navigate around the system
  • the functional scope of each of the software modules used
  • the default processes that have been configured into the system
  • how and where to enter information and see reports
  • the different user roles and permissions the system uses
  • the importance of data accuracy and timeliness
  • about available help desk and support offerings and how they can add value and peace-of-mind

Each course participant will have access to their own PC and instance of OpenERP and will learn through a combination of lecturing and hands-on doing as overseen by our highly qualified and experienced instructors.

This is an entry-level course so there are no attendance prerequisites. We recommend that participants attend this course in preparation for using one of our “Software Solutions” in an operational setting.

The course will be hosted at our premises and will include most of the materials and equipment required to complete the course.  However, each participant must bring their own PC with which they can access our systems.  The PC must have the following minimum hardware and installed software profile:

  • modern laptop/notebook PC (i.e. capable of satisfactorily browsing modern websites)
  • Ethernet 10/100 and WiFi network equiped (i.e. can connect to external networks and the internet)
  • modern operating system (i.e. recent Windows, Apple or Linux OS)
  • modern and updated firewall and anti-virus (i.e. especially important for Windows PCs)
  • modern web browser (i.e. IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera)

Please “Contact Us” if you have any questions or concerns about the above PC specifications.

NOTE that our conduct of this course, unless otherwise agreed, is at our discretion subject to a minimum number of attendees being registered. Should it be necessary to cancel the course we will notify you by email, as sent to the email address you provided us when you booked the course, not later than 10 days before the planned course date and offer you a choice of alternative course date or a full refund.

In the event that you must cancel your course booking you must do so not later than 15 days before the planned course date, by sending us an email to the email address we used to confirm your booking or no refund can be made.  If your cancellation is made more than 15 days prior to the planned course date we will make you a full refund less a £50 administration charge per attendee cancelling.

The information provided above should be read in conjunction with our business “Terms of Service” which must be accepted as part of all sales and can be accessed for review now by clicking on the above link.

To enquire about our Education & Training offerings, schedule and pricing, or to discuss any specific requirements you may have, please “Contact Us” and one of our team will be pleased to help you.


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