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Not infrequently do businesses value the expertise and experience of someone who has worked in and advised many organisations in a number of different industries in various parts of the world.

A sounding board to help shape business vision & strategy, an expert to advise in business planning and operations, and an experienced implementer of successful business change.

Of course the traditional approach, which we also offer as part of our Professional “Services”, is to ask a consultancy to propose for some piece of business change work. The consultants then, normally working with the client team, take a lead role in the design and delivery of the business change. Effecting a ‘handover’ to the client team when the work is completed.

This approach, assuming good quality experienced consultants, frequently works well and is sometimes absolutely the correct approach to the opportunity or challenge at hand. However, it is also relatively expensive and can all too often become a case of doing it to you rather than with you….a corollary being that there is frequently limited knowledge transfer to your own people.

That is why we also offer Consulting Help Desk Support as an alternative option. One in which you and your people take the lead but are able to call us in as ‘Subject Matter Experts’ on an ad-hoc basis to help fill gaps in knowledge or skills.

An added benefit of working in this way is that any resultant business change is more likely to be ‘owned’ by your people, and hence sustainable. And your staff have learned by doing, but with expert backup when they need it.

Our Consulting Help Desk operates in a similar way to our Support Help Desk, but offers you a wide range of business advice ‘on-tap’. Like our other support services Consulting Help Desk support is offered in incremental time parcels to give you maximum control and flexibility over your consultancy needs.

All of our Consulting Help Desk staff are currently UK based.

Our Consulting Help Desk was conceived to help enable your own staff in their planning and execution of major business change. Helping them when they need it….getting out of their way when they don’t. Typical use of Consulting Help Desk Support might include providing advice on or playing a QA role for:

  • the structuring, planning and resourcing of a major change initiative
  • ensuring progress monitoring and governance oversight is present and up to the task
  • recommendations and practical guidance on appropriate techniques, tools and standards
  • developing a business plan or business case as well as tracking it ongoing
  • how to manage, mitigate and elevate risks and issues
  • how to manage stakeholder, communications and change management activities
  • approaches to selecting and configuring enabling technologies
  • and many other areas of similar critical importance

We undertake to make a first response to any query you may raise through defined communication channels in relation to this service within one business day of your initial contact, subject to normal UK office hours.  UK office hours are defined as being M-F, 0900-1700 GMT/UTC and do not include UK bank holidays.

We will attempt to deliver much of our Consulting Help Desk Support from offsite at our offices via electronic means during normal UK office hours to keep costs and disruptions to your operation at a minimum; primarily via telephone / VoIP and email although other communications tools and channels (e.g. Fax, IM, Web-Conferencing, Remote-Access, etc) may be used at our discretion on a case-by-case basis.  All of your communication with us must be initiated via one of our primary channels using contact details we provide.

However, due its nature, in a number of instances it may be both necessary and appropriate to work with you at your site. If so this will be agreed with you in advance and the reasonable costs of travel and accommodation will be charged at cost in addition to the charges for our services. Any travel time to your onsite premises (or equivalent) beyond 1.5 hours round-trip per day must also be charged at our normal Consulting Help Desk Support rate.

The standard productivity tools we employ, and in which we deliver electronic outputs (format chosen by suitability for the task), are the MS Office suite (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Project and Visio) their LibreOffice equivalents (where they exist) and Adobe Reader (PDF).

NOTE that Advanced Setup Support time must be used within one year of purchase or the time units will expire.

The information provided above should be read in conjunction with our business “Terms of Service” which must be accepted as part of all sales and can be accessed for review now by clicking on the above link.

Please “Contact Us” if you would like to discuss anything in this product description or want to enquire about purchasing our products or services. Of course if your needs are more extensive (e.g. as for a Business Transformation initiative) we also stand ready to provide our Professional “Services” for a more bespoke approach to meeting your business requirements.


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