Live Demo Request



You are requesting access to our Live Demo environment based on our OpenERP “Baseline Solution” product.

This access, if granted, is made to you subject to your acceptance of our “Terms of Service” and under the jurisdiction and courts of England and Wales, as a named individual and you agree not to make public or otherwise share access details with other parties.  You also agree that this access is for your / your organisations trial and evaluation purposes and will not be used for any other commercial or private purpose what-so-ever.

Any access granted will be active for a period of 30 days after which it will be terminated without notice.  If you need further access either re-apply using this form or “Contact Us” to make arrangements.

WARNING!  Our Live Demo is a demonstration environment and as such it is not set up with the access security or data separation / protection of our for purchase production-ready products.  We strongly recommend that if you enter your own data into our Live Demo system that you ensure that it is not private and confidential in nature (e.g. sensitive employee data, product designs, financial results, etc) as any such data may be visible to other Live Demo users and hence be at risk.  Also note that any and all data entered will be reset every 24 hours to the default Live Demo configuration state.

In any case, if access to our Live Demo environment is granted, you here-by acknowledge this warning and advice has been given and proceed at your own risk.  You also wholely indemnify and hold harmless open4mgt, its staff and management from any damages, compromises or or liabilities how-so-ever caused that may accrue to you or your organisation through your use of our Live Demo environment.

NOTE that ALL of the fields in the Live Demo Access Request form below require completion including ticking the checkbox at the bottom.  We can not grant access to our Live Demo environment with your acceptance of this DISCLAIMER.

Nature of Interest

By submitting this form you also give open4mgt staff permission to contact you in relation to your use of our Live Demo for purposes of both understanding the nature of your interest and of improving the quality of the demonstration service and/or related product offerings.

You are also certifying that you are over 18, have read and accept this DISCLAIMER, and are authorised to take this action and make this certification on behalf of your organisation.

Unported License v3.0. open4mgt®. All Rights Reserved.

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