Baseline Solution



Our Baseline Solution product range includes the following OpenERP core modules as chosen both for their rich feature set and operational reliability:

  • Sales / CRM
  • Warehousing
  • Manufacturing
  • Purchasing
  • Accounts
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Administration & Tools

Our Baseline Solution product range does not include the following more specialised OpenERP core modules, although they can be added if needed via our bespoke Extended Solution proposition (“Contact Us” for further details):

  • Marketing
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Project
  • Knowledge

Our Baseline Solution product range also does not include any OpenERP non-core or community modules. This is due to their more niche feature set, but more importantly because of their frequently lesser track record of operational reliability, although they can be added if needed via our bespoke Extended Solution proposition (“Contact Us” for further details).


Our Baseline Solution product range features support for the following ‘good practice’ business processes and selected related MI & Reporting, including documentation, configured as standard into the system:

  • Sales –
    • Accepting a Customer Order (non-EDI)
    • Identifying / Confirming and Qualifying Leads
    • Identifying New Sales Prospects
    • Managing Customer Information
    • Mining Customer Information for New Sales Opportunities
    • Responding to Customer [or Prospect] Enquiries
    • Responding to Customer [or Prospect] Quotation Requests
    • Selling to a Customer (via manual Telesales)
  • Finance –
    • Closing the Books
    • Conducting a Stock Take
    • Invoicing a Customer
    • Paying a Supplier
    • Processing a Customer Payment
    • Processing a Supplier Credit Note
    • Raising a Customer Credit Note
    • Reconciliation of Bank Statements
    • Responding to Customer Payments Query
    • Responding to Supplier Payments Query
    • Reviewing, Chasing and Collecting Aged Debt
    • Submitting Employee Business Expenses
    • Submitting Employee / Contractor Timesheets
  • Production –
    • Accepting Product Returns from a Customer (for Exchange or Refund)
    • Finished Goods Put-away
    • Making Raw Material Returns to a Supplier (for Exchange or Refund)
    • Manufacturing, Testing and Packaging Products as Finished Goods
    • Picking Finished Goods [or Direct Resale Items] against Customer Orders and Despatching to Customers
    • Picking / Kitting Raw Materials [or Direct Resale Items] and Moving to Production Area [or Despatch Area]
    • Receiving / Inspecting Raw Materials and Doing Put-away
    • Scheduling Production
  • Purchasing –
    • Placing a Supplier Order (non-EDI)
    • Registering a Fixed Asset

Our standard business processes may be amended, or new ones defined and developed, as needed via a bespoke combination of our Professional “Services” and our Extended Solution propositions (“Contact Us” for further details).


Our Baseline Solution product range also offers the following production-ready technical features:

  • unlimited users
  • professionally managed hosting
  • generous monthly data allowance
  • application instances and data on UK based servers
  • underpinned by robust and proven LAMP stack
  • full SSL access security
  • regular periodic backups
  • backup-restore on request
  • software instances hosted on own virtual machines and using own database(s)
  • full open source software GPL / AGPL licenses
  • one hour “Solution Help Desk Support” per month for one named user


The above descriptions are to the best of our knowledge accurate at the time of publication. However, due to the complexities and subtleties of the subject matter, and the necessary brevity of the online product descriptions, prospective purchasers should “Contact Us” before buying with any questions they may have about the particulars of functional modules, business processes, technical features, choice of solution package or other matters to ensure that their needs can reasonably be met.

The information provided above should be read in conjunction with our business “Terms of Service” which must be accepted as part of all sales and can be accessed for review now by clicking on the above link.

Please “Contact Us” if you would like to discuss anything in this product description or want to enquire about purchasing our products or services.


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