Advanced Setup Support


Sooner or later you may want or need to make additional modifications to your “Software Solution” to fully meet your business needs.  To accomplish this you could decide to do this for yourself, but if you want or need our support in this respect we offer a selection of incremental time based support packages.

The Advanced Setup Support service has been designed to help you make incremental changes to your “Software Solution” (either by supporting your staff in doing it or directly making the changes for you) so that it operates to your specific requirements, including:

  • reconfiguration or additional configuration of default software or system operations
  • addition of other software modules beyond those used as standard (note there may be warranty implications), including software and system configurations
  • configuring interfaces to other software and systems
  • advising on approaches to data coding, classification and cleansing

We guarantee all our work in connection with the Advanced Setup Support service and will correct any errors or omissions in that connection free of charge.  However, you must identify these to us within 90 calendar days of the relevant work being delivered.  Any claims made after this elapsed time will be treated as new or additional requirements and will be subject to our normal Advanced Setup Support charges.

Our Advanced Setup Support guarantee does not provide any warranty as relates to the error-free operation of the open source component of our “Software Solutions” (e.g. OpenERP software), non-approved / non-standard software modules or bespoke software code not developed by us.  Please see our “Warranty Support” offering for details of this coverage.

All of the above services are offered ONLY in the context of the software and capabilities in your chosen “Software Solution” package. We cannot provide business or technical Advanced Setup Support for software, hardware, networks or data outside of this context.

We undertake to make a first response to any query you may raise through defined communication channels in relation to this service within one business day of your initial contact, subject to normal UK office hours.  UK office hours are defined as being M-F, 0900-1700 GMT/UTC and do not include UK bank holidays.

We will attempt to deliver most of our Advanced Setup Support from offsite at our offices via electronic means during normal UK office hours to keep costs and disruptions to your operation at a minimum; primarily via telephone / VoIP and email although other communications tools and channels (e.g. Fax, IM, Web-Conferencing, Remote-Access, etc) may be used at our discretion on a case-by-case basis.  All of your communication with us must be initiated via one of our primary channels using contact details we provide.

However, in some instances it may be both necessary and appropriate to work with you at your site. If so this will be agreed with you in advance and the reasonable costs of travel and accommodation will be charged at cost in addition to the charges for our services. Any travel time to your onsite premises (or equivalent) beyond 1.5 hours round-trip per day must also be charged at our normal Advanced Setup Support service rate.

NOTE that Advanced Setup Support time must be used within one year of purchase or the time units will expire.

The information provided above should be read in conjunction with our business “Terms of Service” which must be accepted as part of all sales and can be accessed for review now by clicking on the above link.


Please “Contact Us” if you would like to discuss anything in this product description or want to enquire about purchasing our products or services..


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